Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in applying to the International Teachers College (ITC). This packet includes instructions and all the forms that are required to apply. The final deadline for the submission of application and scholarship materials is March 15. After we receive all the required documents, we will contact you to schedule a personal interview by Skype. Visa documentation will be requested after admission to the ITC is granted. Visa documentation and non-refundable visa fees will be due by May 1.


We will make early offers of acceptance to students who complete the process prior to February 1. Do not wait until the application deadline to submit your forms. The earlier you begin the process, the more likely you will be selected for a scholarship.


Please type, scan and email the following forms to ITCAdmissions@uph.edu as soon as they are completed:


1. ITC COMMUNITY STANDARDS OF CONDUCT. Please read this document carefully prior to submitting the application. By signing the application you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to follow the ITC Community Standards of Conduct.


2. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION. Fill out the Application for Admission completely and sign at the bottom of the second page.


3. ACADEMIC REFERENCE AND CHURCH REFERENCE FORMS. Please have a teacher or guidance counselor complete and submit the Academic Reference Form. A pastor or church leader should complete and submit the Church Reference Form. Neither referrer should be a relative or family member, but he or she should know you well enough to give an honest and thoughtful reference.


4. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION. Please complete the scholarship application in as much detail as possible. If you do not intend to apply for a scholarship, you must email ITCAdmissions@uph.edu for details about submitting proof of your ability to pay for tuition, room, board, uniforms, books, and other assigned fees.


5. PERSONAL CHRISTIAN FAITH ESSAY. Please type a 300-word testimony that describes your conversion experience, your assurance of salvation, evidence of your personal walk with Jesus Christ, and why you wish to attend the ITC. You must personally write this testimony in English.



a. If you are from Indonesia, you must submit SKHUN/transcript and STTB, both legalized by the principal, and a copy of your Indonesian Personal ID.

b. International students must submit official high school transcripts (with a certified English translation) and a copy of the official high school diploma, including a statement of verification from the Department of Education in the country in which the school is located. All transcripts should include grades and the total number of units completed. You may initially submit unofficial documents if final copies are not yet available prior to exams or graduation.

c. If you are unable to submit an official high school transcript or diploma please contact the ITC for additional information.

d. If you have completed any university course work, please submit official transcripts from each university you have attended (with an English translation). Again, unofficial documents are acceptable until final copies are available.


7. HEALTH INFORMATION FORM. You must have a medical doctor complete this form.


8. PROOF OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY AND COLLEGE READINESS. All students are required to demonstrate proof of English proficiency and academic readiness sufficient to be successful in a rigorous academic environment. When requesting official scores, please use the Corban University submission code. For the TOEFL and SAT, the submission code is [4956] and for the ACT, the code is [0477]. Acceptable forms of evidence include one of the following:

a. TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT) score of at least 70 (preferred)

b. TOEFL Paper-based test (PBT) score of at least 520 (preferred)

c. IELTS Academic Test score of at least 6.0 band

d. SAT Critical Reading Score of at least 450

e. ACT English Score of at least 19


9. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Please send an English-language color copy of your birth certificate.



a. All students should submit a digital copy of a passport-quality photograph of you in collared shirt in front of a blue background.

b. International students should also submit a passport-quality photograph of you in front of a red background.


11. PASSPORT. Each international student must submit a color copy of his or her passport. The passport must be valid for at least 30 months beyond the first day of classes at the ITC. Please renew your passport early if it does not have enough validity. UPH Building E, M. H. Thamrin Boulevard, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, 15811 Banten, www.itc.uph.edu ITC Communit